The Importance of Touch: the search for embodied safety


May 15 2018 • 55 mins

Have you ever wondered how the effects of trauma get stored in the nervous system and how this can compromise our sense of safety and attachment? Kirsten Vinge, a registered physiotherapist and clinical counsellor will be delving into this topic. How can parents foster a secure attachment in children? How important is touch in creating safe human connection? Kirsten has training in the brilliant work of Dr. Peter Levine, Kathy Kain and Steve Terrell and she will be sharing her knowledge about somatic experiencing and the Polyvagal theory. We will also be talking about the A.C.E. study that clearly shows that Adverse Childhood Experiences cause heart disease, compromise the immune system and can result in early death, addictions, increased suicide risk etc...... Kirsten will be sharing her unique view of neurophysiology from an embodied perspective, rather than a cognitive, psychological approach. What would it take for each of us to heal trauma and embody a sense of safety?