Nick Shackleton-Jones 'Learning & Cognition: why Plato and Descartes got it all wrong'

The New Abnormal

Sep 29 2022 • 49 mins

This episode of 'The New Abnormal' features Nick Shackleton-Jones, HR Director / Learning at Deloitte UK.

He's also the author of 'How People Learn' and has a revolutionary perspective we learn.

Nick began professional life as a psychology lecturer (having studied psychology and philosophy at university) and has since worked for major consultancies and corporates in roles encompassing learning strategy, culture, leadership, innovation, technology & multimedia.

Responsible for coining the ‘courses to resources’ shift, the affective context model of learning, and introducing the 5Di approach to user-centred learning design, he's the winner of several awards for people development strategy, innovation, and learning content; and is well-known in the 'learning industry' for his ground-breaking work and thinking.

In our interview, we discuss his viewpoints across a range of issues including how the brain works in the context of memory (inc System 1 & 2 thinking), learning and individuality, the significance of play, storytelling and catastrophe, behavioural change, why 'Thinking is Feeling', how to reimagine your world, and the intentional design of experiences and resources that promote learning aka 'Learning Design'.