Scott Goodson 'How to rebuild business momentum'

The New Abnormal

Dec 1 2023 • 55 mins

Series One

In this early episode of 'The New Abnormal' I spoke with the founder of the world's first "Movement" marketing / transformation / advertising and design company: the famous Strawberry Frog.

Prior to this, I'd last spoken with Scott Goodson, the agency's founder/CEO, just after they'd won the coveted 'Best Marketing Agency of the Year' award c/o The Drum.

In this podcast, he explains the inspiring journey that Strawberry Frog has been on to deal with / adapt to the business realities of C19 - which is about as good an example of best-practise as you're likely to hear.

He describes, in detail, the way that the agency has implemented issues such as 'Positive Intent' and reinforced their 'all in it together' ethos to install added confidence in the future, throughout the agency team.

Scott also highlights their development of 'On/Up Movements' and how it is that Strawberry Frog have established an enviable reputation for building big transformative ideas, with clear values at their nucleus.

Hence a client list ranging from P&G to Google to PepsiCo to SunTrust to LG to Morgan Stanley, etc. Oh, and Scott is the author of the books 'Uprising' and 'Activate Brand Purpose'...