Ian Peters 'Having an ethical compass, and applying business ethics'

The New Abnormal

3d ago • 44 mins

This episode of #TheNewAbnormal podcast (available on all the usual platforms) features Ian Peters MBE, Director at Institute of Business Ethics; which has a guiding purpose of championing the highest standards of ethical behaviour in business. Ian is a specialist in business policy and strategic communications, and is highly experienced in media & government relations, and business policy. All organisations need to demonstrate they are trustworthy, and the IBE is an important partner to any business wanting to preserve its long-term reputation by doing business in the right way.  In the interview, Ian outlines subjects including 'how to build an ethical culture', illuminates issues impacting leadership & role modelling, gives practical guidance around purpose, ethical values, organisational culture and behaviour; along with detailing practicalities around both establishing and demonstrating a code of ethics. And, of course, we discuss how brands are responding to the invasion of Ukraine. As Ian says 'this is not a time to sit on the fence...'