Sound School Podcast

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The Backstory to Great Audio Storytelling, hosted by Rob Rosenthal, for Transom and PRX.

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Our Editor's Take

The Sound School Podcast, hosted by Rob Rosenthal, is a trove of helpful information. Rob explores the intricacies of story-centered sound. His unmistakable expertise, kind honesty, and focus will entertain and inspire listeners. Anyone with burning questions about audio storytelling might find an invaluable listen here.

The Sound School Podcast provides listeners with serious craft talk and constructive criticism. They can listen to Rob speak to sound design experts about their fieldwork methods. Listeners also learn from people like former blogger Munira Kaoneka. She discusses the workshop that inspired her to explore podcasting full-time. Listeners hear his thoughts on needing co-narrators when one could suffice.

NPR's Steve Junker also joins the podcast to discuss how he views radio stations as an audio format. He examines how it's a tool often underused in public radio and how he set out to explore a few more of its nuances. Listeners hear about topics like the non-narrated obituary and new podcasts worth exploring.

Rob Rosenthal focuses on more than the technical side of audio storytelling. He is generous in the laurels he doles out for work he deems excellent and kindly critical of the work he doesn't. No matter his opinions, stories are always at the center of these episodes. Listeners will hear about things like documentary studies. In one episode of the Sound School Podcast, listeners hear a story dissection of the documentary "Dear Birth Mother." In this episode, Rob also examines the first time meeting his biological mother. In episodes like "Stories from Slovenia." Rob discusses his 10-day-long Transom Story Workshop with reporters in Slovenia.

Listeners searching for advice for their projects will likely learn a thing or two here. These episodes are a great resource with a great mixture of storytelling and tips. New episodes come out twice a month.

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