Special Encore Presentation: Praying Dangerously: Growing up our Relationship to the Divine

Thresholds to Awakening

Oct 3 2012 • 56 mins

What does it mean to pray dangerously? Not religiously, not to some out-dated idea of the divine, not as a bargaining chip or as a good-child in obeisance to a punishing authority figure, but to bring ourselves in alignment with who we really are through prayer...to pray (often wordlessly and to an unnamed something) with our whole being, madly, foolishly, undone, surrendered? In this episode we speak with Regina Sara Ryan, mystic and author of numerous books on spirituality and wellness, include Praying Dangerously. This show is not only for those who think they pray, but also for those who don't. For those who don't believe in the divine, or are angry with the divine, or angry with themselves. For those in stuck places--threshold challenges like illness or trauma or divorce--and who have lost (or maybe never knew they had) a connection to something deeper. Dive. Pray dangerously. Listen in.