Robert Irvine, World Class Chef & Entrepreneur – The Recipe for Success: Cooking up a second chance, and turning setbacks into comebacks

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May 31 2023 • 28 mins

Making mistakes is a natural part of building every business, but leaving problems unresolved for too long can be costly. Today's guest is teaching business owners that huge success can come out of grand failures - if you’re paying attention.

Today we're sitting down with Robert Irvine, a world-class chef and host of Food Network's hit show 'Restaurant: Impossible', where he takes two days and under $20,000 to transform failing restaurants and give their owners a second chance.

Robert's also an entrepreneur, a Royal Navy veteran, and a tireless supporter of the military. In addition to his restaurants, he's the owner of 'Fit Crunch', makers of protein bars and snacks; Robert Irvine Foods, which makes restaurant-quality, prepared meals available in grocery stores and for food service applications; and Boardroom Spirits, makers of Irvine's Vodka and Irvine's American Dry Gin. Robert is also the author of five books, the latest of which is called 'Overcoming Impossible'.


  • Robert's childhood, and introduction to military (2:44)
  • 'Restaurant: Impossible' TV show, and inspiration for new book (3:56)
  • Robert's businesses, and business hurdles (6:04)
  • Philosophy on businesses integrating social media (8:49)
  • Robert explains how, and why businesses fail (10:39)
  • Memorable success stories from 'Restaurant: Impossible' (13:26)
  • How Robert discovered his talent for leadership (17:15)
  • Robert discusses scalability and growth (19:47)
  • Hiring and maintaining a great team (20:31)
  • The Robert Irvine Foundation and philanthropy (23:23)


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