Meet Hidden Giant in Shoppers Rewards: Global Savings Group - The Authority on German, Swiss and Austrian Startups and Venture Capital

Sep 15 2022 • 39 mins

Executive Summary

The Global Savings Group (GSG) is not a fintech. They are a hidden champion as Europe’s leading shopping rewards company, founded in 2012. They are offering an alternative to the GAFA channels and are active in 20+ countries under different brands. Amongst their clients are small merchants and well-known global companies.

We try to offer an alternative to the GAFA [Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon] channels, but we don’t do classical advertising”Gerhard Trautmann, CEO and Co-Founder GSG

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The Founder

This time Gerhard Trautmann is our guest, the CEO and co-founder of Munich-based Global Savings Group. If you have not heard of them, they are active in 20+ countries under different brand names. He met his co-founders while still working in management consulting, and they decided to make their Powerpoint slides reality.

“Oliver Samwer said he did not like our ideas, but we could be a cool team.”Gerhard Trautmann, CEO and Co-Founder GSG

The Company

Global Savings Group ( is not a fintech company, they are working in the affiliate marketing space. They call themself a lead generation company, including couponing pages. They are active in 20+ countries with multiple websites across Europe. They won the German Deliotte Fast 50 Award.They own several commerce content portals. Some of their largest markets are the UK and France, even though they are headquartered in Munich. The company was started in cooperation with Rocket Internet. Amongst their clients are small merchants and adidas, Just Eat, IKEA, dyson, Lenovo, SAMSUNG, ebay, Nike, H&M,, O2, Sephora and Ray Ban.

They are also working with large media companies including Focus, CNN, El Pais, (Brazil), Le Express (France), Business Insider and One India on deals, discounts and coupons.

We funded our acquistions as a combination from our profits, loans and exchange of shares”Gerhard Trautmann, CEO and Co-Founder GSG

Venture Capital Funding

The company raised in total M 79 US$ in funding since interception in 2012 up to Series D. They did not disclose the amount of their last funding in 2021. Amongst their investors are General Global Capital, TRP Global, HV Capital, Groupe M6, Rocket Internet, DTCP, New Enterprise Associates and Headline.

Open to Talk to Takeover Targets

GSG wants to grow organically, but is open to talk to companies that feel like they could add to their journey.

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