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Our Editor's Take

The Breaks - KUTX is a podcast for listeners who love rap and hip-hop. New episodes come out once a week, and each one lasts about an hour. Every Saturday night, DJs Confucius Jones and Aaron "Fresh" Knight host The Breaks on KUTX in Austin, Texas. The show covers all things hip-hop. But Confucius and Fresh prefer to focus on the local music scene. They also have front-row seats at the annual SXSW festival. Listeners may feel that same sort of connection to the music from this podcast.

The Breaks - KUTX podcast is an outgrowth of the radio show. Confucius and Fresh use the show to explore the music scene in more detail. They explore hip-hop news and share their opinions on what's going on in the industry today.

Both of the podcast's hosts are Austin natives who have spent their lives immersed in the local music scene. Confucius became a DJ right out of high school. Fresh played in a local band. They are both experts and enthusiasts in the industry. But their knowledge extends beyond Texas. They know all about scenes in different cities and aren't afraid to share their opinions. They also know who's up and coming and love to share new talent with their listeners.

Each episode of The Breaks - KUTX follows the same pattern. After going over that week's big news, the DJs list some "Hip-Hop Facts." These facts may surprise and enlighten even listeners who consider themselves hip-hop experts. Shortly after a mini history lesson, Fresh shares an "Unpopular Opinion." That opinion can be about almost anything, like the show Friends or the New York City rap scene. Near the end of the show is the segment "Confucius Reads the News." Confucius shares the news that made him think, then adds his own entertaining commentary.

The Breaks - KUTX might please lovers of hip-hop who want to stay updated on the music news. Confucius and Fresh's honest perspectives make the show a fantastic listen.

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