Ep 20: Facebook Ads for Food and Beverage - Slate Milk - Manny Lubin

DTC Podcast

Jul 9 2020 β€’ 38 mins

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Slate Chocolate Milk has reinvented chocolate milk and repositioned it for adults, with more protein, less sugar, and minimal, ethical packaging. Find out how they're driving 50% of their sales on DTC on FB and Instagram (and find out how they could 10X with Pilothouse advice).

Manny Lubin, as the DTC marketing focused founder within a duo, goes deep on his Facebook and Instagram strategy for Food and Beverage and Pilothouse opens up about exactly how to use 3rd party publicity like Shark Tank in your funnels to create engagement GOLD and big increases in AOV, EPC, and LTV.

We discuss:

🟀 How covid has made them 50/50 DTC vs Retail, but how they want to be 20/80 with a focus on grocery

🟀 How they took milk back to the drawing board to reinvent this childhood staple

🟀 How their Shark Tank experience went south, but still had a massive positive impact.

🟀 How to use Shark Tank in your funnels for DTC Marketing as well as WHY using third party publicity in your presales works

🟀 Why ITERATION is the key when it comes to testing audiences and creative

🟀 How to increase "first moment of truth sales" and the Old Spice problem (better retargeting campaigns).

🟀 Slate's Post Purchase email flow

🟀 Slate's testing methodology when it comes to discounts and promos

🟀 Pilothouse squad sells Manny on Presales content...WHY does it work? Widen out your funnel

🟀 Relentless Iteration and third party brands

🟀 20x apparel company with Shark Tank 3rd party validation

🟀 How Apparel for chocolate milk supports the vision

🟀 $50K Grant - Love to see it - Would go RIGHT into DTC digital marketing

🟀  What's slowing Slate from Scaling RIGHT NOW?

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