AC 411 with Henry Green

Wine, Women, and Revolution

Nov 23 2020 • 41 mins

In this episode of Wine, Women, and Revolution, Heather interviews Atlantic City activist Henry Green. They talk about everything from Henry's run for office, to cannabis legalization, to the Green Party, to Steve Young and the Expressway 7. Henry also highlights his new show AC 411 where he is back with his longtime friend and media partner Kevin Hall from The Kevin Hall Show Program. They were off the air for a little while but they are back and just as good as ever. Its always a pleasure to hear Henry's thoughts about how Atlantic City should be the shining jewel it deserves to be. Like always, it comes down to having people looking to serve the city. Henry is a true servant of the people. Transcript Auto Generated Henry Green 0:00I'm still trying to do to be passionate about the things I'm passionate about still trying to have the positive spirit that that I was that my mother instilled in me. Moving forward despite the conflicts and the battles and the ups and downs of li