Navigating the Shadows: Cultivating Radical Hope and Trust in God's Plan

Resilient Faith

Mar 14 2024 • 11 mins

“Not everything is going to be okay.

And our assignment is to carry this truth without yielding to despair, and while tending to the flames of radical hope — the kind that demands our grittiest love and biggest imagination.“

How do we hold onto hope when we're faced with the stark truth that not everything in life will turn out okay? Journey with Lora East, as we grapple with this haunting reality and the transformative power of radical hope. In this episode, inspired by the wisdom of Simone Sol, we contemplate the gritty reality of life's trials and the resilient faith required to move through them. You'll discover how to cultivate a trust in God that's as unwavering as it is necessary, even when the path forward is veiled in uncertainty. This isn't just about finding light in the darkness; it's about learning to navigate the shadows with a hope that is audacious and love that is tangible.

As we move through our Lenten series, Trustful, we're reminded of the undeniable influence of Jesus Christ's example of gritty love and how His teachings can guide us in fostering trust. By embracing the idea that while not every outcome is within our control—or even within our lifetime—our capacity for hope and love can still flourish. Tune in and be inspired to imagine the boundless possibilities of faith and to employ the greatest version of yourself in the face of life's relentless challenges. Let's embrace this season together, understanding that although everything may not be okay, our trust in God's plan can still shape a future filled with grace and redemption.

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