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A thirteen-year-old American girl explains SpongeBob SquarePants to her forty-eight-year-old Scottish step-father who has never watched it.
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S3E12a Chocolate With Nuts
S3E12a Chocolate With NutsS3E11 Party Pooper PantsS3E10b Krusty Krab Training VideoS3E10a Wet PaintersS3E9b Rock-a-Bye BivalveS3E9a Krab BorgS3E8b Squilliam's ReturnS3E8a No Weenies AllowedS3E7b Can You Spare a DimeS3E7a As Seen on TVS3E6b One Krabs TrashS3E5b Doing TimeS3E5a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IVS3E6a Snowball EffectS3E4b Idiot BoxS3E4a Nasty PattyS3E3b The BullyS3E3a Just One BiteS3E2b My Pretty SeahorseS3E2a Camp SpongeBob