Overweighted: Lose Weight Without a Diet, Eat What You Want, Be More Consistent

Malaika Burley - Weight Loss Mentor, Nutrition Coach, Fitness Instructor

Have you been stuck in a ”lose weight and gain it back” cycle? Do you have a bunch of smaller sized clothes tucked away in your closet waiting for ”that day” that you can finally fit in them again? Are you the heaviest weight that you’ve ever been? Me too, sis. You are not alone and the Overweighted podcast is for you. Listen each week as I share my personal weight loss journey to lose about 200 lbs and shed some light on what it takes to actually lose the weight in a simple, successful, and sustainable way. That means, it won’t be complicated (aka no diets or cutting out food groups). We’re actually going to lose weight together (and feel good in our bodies). And this time, we’re going to keep it off (thank you Jesus). We’ll talk weight loss tips, mindset shifts, and what it’s like living as an obese woman in America. I’ll even share my weigh in with you and how I’m doing on my goals. Get ready to be inspired, renewed, and transformed so that you can get out of that cycle and into those clothes. Let’s mark “lose weight” off of our to-do lists for good! read less

Are You Living Romans 12:1-2?: Weight Loss, Wellness, and the Word Session 1
Mar 8 2023
Are You Living Romans 12:1-2?: Weight Loss, Wellness, and the Word Session 1
In episode 72, we are looking at Romans 12:1-2 and how it applies to our lives and weight loss journeys. If you're a woman of faith, then you'll enjoy this first session of Weight Loss, Wellness, and the Word. Each week live on YouTube I'll be exploring verses and stories from the Bible and discussing how we can apply the principles to our weight loss journeys as well as other aspects of health.  Questions to ask yourself: 1. Is what I'm doing (or about to do) pleasing to God and honoring Him? (Reasonable service) 2. Do I want to eat more right now because I'm hungry or because my flesh/body wants it? (Living sacrifice) 3. Am I doing this diet because it's what the world is telling me to do or because God called me to it? (Do not conform) 4. Do I need to renew my mind around this issue? (Renewing of the mind) 5. Lord what is your will for me? Show me what areas of my life are not in alignment with Your will for me. ( prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God)   🦋 Mentioned in the Show 🦋 - Watch the video here: https://youtube.com/live/64bU1xmrXTk - R.E.N.E.W. Podcast episode: https://www.podbean.com/eas/pb-723ai-1253251 - YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/@MalaikaBurley    🦋 All the Things 🦋  - Join me for free in Transformation Tribe: http://MalaikaBurley.com/network - 5 Keys Free Webinar: http://MalaikaBurley.com/5keys - Leave me a message: http://MalaikaBurley.com/message - Let’s be social: http://MalaikaBurley.com/links - Contact me: OverweightedPodcast@gmail.com