Investing in Nurses for Greater Community Health with IBC Foundation President Rev. Dr. Lorina Marshall-Blake

Asked & Answered with Dr. Anne Prisco

May 31 2022 • 29 mins

Holy Family University’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences was ranked #3 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (and #2 in Philadelphia) by in 2020. For this inaugural episode of Asked & Answered, Dr. Anne Prisco and Reverend Dr. Lorina Marshall-Blake talk about why investing in nurses improves a community’s health, preparing nurses to lead in their communities, best practices in addressing mental health needs, and other critical public health issues intersecting directly with the nursing profession. The Rev. Dr. Marshall-Blake is the president of the Independence Blue Cross Foundation, a charitable, private foundation that has provided support to all 22 nursing schools in the Philadelphia region, and has awarded more than $15M for nursing student scholarships and to advance the nursing profession since its founding in 2011. Reverend Dr. Lorina Marshall-Blake is also the vice president of community affairs at Independence Blue Cross, the largest health insurance provider in the Philadelphia region.

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