Epi# 18: Listen Like Thieves;Album Review.

INXS: Access All Areas

Sep 5 2020 • 1 hr 34 mins

The Listen Like Thieves; Album review with Haydn & Bee...   The precursor album to Kick, Listen like Thieves was the crucial recording that united the world producing talents of Chris Thomas. The man whose genius fingertips contributed to the Beatles White Album, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon plus producing credits with The Pretenders, U2, and Roxy Music.   Arguably, INXS’s greatest guitar album, this cohesive collection of 11 tracks pays homage to the vast landscapes of Australia with a sound that is as close to a “live concert” setting. Confident, cleverly constructed, and concise this 38-minute album is still as fresh sounding and pulsating 35 years later.   Buckle up and enjoy our deep-dive review and discussion into Listen like Thieves”.

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