Dispatch: On Realizing the Potential of Our Humanity: Support Artists. Support the Writers on Strike. #WGAStrong

Creativity Squared

May 11 2023 • 2 mins

––– On Realizing the Potential of Our Humanity  I support the writers on strike. It’s unacceptable that we live in a country where a company that made over $10B this quarter has writers, people who are indispensable to its industry, who are struggling to make ends meet. Where in 2021, the combined yearly pay for the top six Hollywood CEOs surpassed $770 million while pay for TV writers has fallen by 23% over the last decade. This reality is a reflection of us. And if we want a different reality, one where creators thrive, where writers can fearlessly play with A.I., where people have equity and get paid fairly for the work they do, regardless of changes in distribution channels. Where new forms of expression and technology aren’t threats to art. Then we have to create it, together. A.I. isn’t the problem. We are. And it’s on us to course correct. To choose people over profits. Each and every person is inherently valuable and deserves the right to a decent life.  If we are to realize the potential of our humanity, we have to collectively CHANGE. TO BELIEVE IT TO BE POSSIBLE. TO BELIEVE A BETTER FUTURE IS TRULY POSSIBLE. Do you believe it in your gut? Then how will we get there? Support artists. Especially trans artists. They’ll show us the way. -Helen Todd The Human Behind Creativity Squared CreativitySquared.com #CreativitySquared #WGAStrong DISPATCH SHOW NOTES: https://creativitysquared.com/podcast/dispatch-on-realizing-the-potential-of-our-humanity-support-artists-support-the-writers-on-strike-wagstrong/  JOIN CREATIVITY SQUARED Sign up for our free weekly newsletter: https://creativitysquared.com/newsletter  Become a premium member: https://creativitysquared.com/supporters  SUBSCRIBE Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform: https://creativitysquared.com Subscribe for more videos: https://youtube.com/@creativity_squared/?sub_confirmation=1 CONNECT with C^2 https://instagram.com/creativitysquaredpodcast https://facebook.com/CreativitySquaredPodcast https://giphy.com/channel/CreativitySquared https://tumblr.com/blog/creativitysquared https://tiktok.com/@creativitysquaredpodcast #CreativitySquared CONNECT with Helen Todd, the human behind C^2 https://instagram.com/helenstravels https://twitter.com/helenstravels https://linkedin.com/in/helentodd https://pinterest.com/helentodd Creativity Squared explores how creatives are collaborating with artificial intelligence in your inbox, on YouTube, and on your preferred podcast platform.  Because it’s important to support artists, 10% of all revenue Creativity Squared generates will go to ArtsWave, a nationally recognized non-profit that supports over 100 arts organizations. This show is produced and made possible by the team at PLAY Audio Agency: https://playaudioagency.com.  Creativity Squared is brought to you by Sociality Squared, a social media agency who understands the magic of bringing people together around what they value and love: http://socialitysquared.com.