Ep4. Daring to Design the Future: Mother of Cognitive Experience Design Joanna Peña-Bickley is Bringing Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations to A.I.

Creativity Squared

May 18 2023 • 1 hr 23 mins

Joanna Peña-Bickley is an inventor and a design technologist known as the mother of Cognitive Experience Design. Named one of Fortune's Most Powerful Women, she’s been at the forefront of A.I. aided generative design, and has created her own framework with principles to ensure that A.I. enhances humans. Born a dyslexic child in San Antonio, TX, a thread throughout Joanna’s unlikely career is crafting magical experiences whether it was inventing one of the first streaming video players for ABC or designing the first banking app on the Apple Watch for Citibank. She’s also designed the first smart mobility platform for General Motors, invented new ambient intelligent Alexa Devices for Amazon, and also reimagined the world's mobility for Uber. A fan of science fiction and a Trekkie at heart, Joanna has always seen the link between fiction and invention. She’s bringing this to Sensory6, her new A.I. company focusing on making people more resilient through bio wearable technology and human digital twins. The company is on a mission to augment our intelligence and give us superpowers to adapt. And in being unapologetically herself, she’s also an avid organizer and advocate for women and girls in design and tech. She co-founded Designed By Us, a cooperative dedicated to accelerating gender equity in S.T.E.A.M.D, which is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, and Design education. Joanna believes that we all have the power within us to design a better future, and A.I. needs infinite diversity and infinite combinations to bring its promise of an equitable future into fruition. Hear how Joanna thinks about creativity and A.I., what shaped her career trajectory, her ethical framework, how we need to embrace – not ban A.I., the call for positive A.I. stories, and how she dares to design a better future, today. EPISODE SHOW NOTES: https://creativitysquared.com/podcast/ep4-joanna-pena-bickley-daring-to-design-a-better-future/  JOIN CREATIVITY SQUARED Sign up for our free weekly newsletter: https://creativitysquared.com/newsletter  Become a premium member: https://creativitysquared.com/supporters  SUBSCRIBE Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform: https://creativitysquared.com Subscribe for more videos: https://youtube.com/@creativity_squared/?sub_confirmation=1 CONNECT with C^2 https://instagram.com/creativitysquaredpodcast https://facebook.com/CreativitySquaredPodcast https://giphy.com/channel/CreativitySquared https://tumblr.com/blog/creativitysquared https://tiktok.com/@creativitysquaredpodcast #CreativitySquared CONNECT with Helen Todd, the human behind C^2 https://instagram.com/helenstravels https://twitter.com/helenstravels https://linkedin.com/in/helentodd https://pinterest.com/helentodd Creativity Squared explores how creatives are collaborating with artificial intelligence in your inbox, on YouTube, and on your preferred podcast platform.  Because it’s important to support artists, 10% of all revenue Creativity Squared generates will go to ArtsWave, a nationally recognized non-profit that supports over 100 arts organizations. This show is produced and made possible by the team at PLAY Audio Agency: https://playaudioagency.com. Creativity Squared is brought to you by Sociality Squared, a social media agency who understands the magic of bringing people together around what they value and love: http://socialitysquared.com.  #Designer #DesignTechnology #WomenInTech #GenerativeArt #AIArtist #Creatives #GenerativeDesign #DesignTech #ArtificialIntelligenceArt #DigitalCreativity #AIArt #AIArtists #TechWomen #ArtificialIntelligenceArt #AIArtCommunity #AIArtwork #AIDesign #AIDesigner #WomenInTechnology #GenerativeAI #AICreative #AIGeneratedArt #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #ArtificialIntelligenceAI  #ArtificialIntelligenceTechnology #MachineLearning #FutureTechnology #FutureTech #TheFutureIsNow