Ep2. Culture is Data: Get the Pulse on Culture and What’s Cool with A.I., Data & Creativity from /Prompt Papi Jey Van-Sharp

Creativity Squared

Apr 27 2023 • 1 hr 11 mins

Jey Van-Sharp aka the “/Prompt Papi” joins Creativity Squared for a conversation that touches on everything from culture as data to imagineering and Beauty and The Beast.  Jey, a Venezuelan kid raised in New York City, co-founded MyÜberLife Consulting Group. MÜLF is a global consultancy specializing in providing innovative solutions to help geniuses, creators, celebrities, executives, and companies navigate the complexities of modern business and achieve success in their endeavors. He sees the current zeitgeist around artificial intelligence as either epicly optimistic or full of skepticism. However, there’s more than that. We’re at the intersection of culture, creativity, commerce, and community in a new age of intelligence. When it comes to A.I., education and literacy are key in addition to A.I. tools and language everyday people can use.  It’s also an exciting time where creatives now have the advantage and can use A.I. as a $160,000 assistant to iterate and amplify their work more. Creativity brings ideas to life, and Jey is all about manifesting positive change and bringing people together for a better world. Jey’s focus when it comes to the implications of A.I. is how we can keep things safe and make people more productive, especially in his own communities. He also believes in looking inward and leaning into your creativity. His advice to creatives: Don’t get overwhelmed by the uncertainty and fast-speed at which this technology is coming. Lean into the uncertainty and your creativity.  And most interestingly: Can A.I. Walt Disney write a business plan? Find out! EPISODE SHOW NOTES: https://creativitysquared.com/podcast/ep2-jey-van-sharp-culture-is-data  JOIN CREATIVITY SQUARED Sign up for our free weekly newsletter: https://creativitysquared.com/newsletter  Become a premium member: https://creativitysquared.com/supporters  SUBSCRIBE Subscribe on your favorite podcast platform: https://creativitysquared.com Subscribe for more videos: https://youtube.com/@creativity_squared/?sub_confirmation=1 CONNECT with C^2 https://instagram.com/creativitysquaredpodcast https://facebook.com/CreativitySquaredPodcast https://giphy.com/channel/CreativitySquared https://tumblr.com/blog/creativitysquared https://tiktok.com/@creativitysquaredpodcast #CreativitySquared CONNECT with Helen Todd, the human behind C^2 https://instagram.com/helenstravels https://twitter.com/helenstravels https://linkedin.com/in/helentodd https://pinterest.com/helentodd Creativity Squared explores how creatives are collaborating with artificial intelligence in your inbox, on YouTube, and on your preferred podcast platform.  Because it’s important to support artists, 10% of all revenue Creativity Squared generates will go to ArtsWave, a nationally recognized non-profit that supports over 100 arts organizations. This show is produced and made possible by the team at PLAY Audio Agency: https://playaudioagency.com Creativity Squared is brought to you by Sociality Squared, a social media agency who understands the magic of bringing people together around what they value and love: http://socialitysquared.com  #Entertainment #LanguageModels #ArtificialIntelligence #AItechnology #DeepLearning #MachineLearning #GenerativeModels #NeuralNetworks #NaturalLanguageProcessing #ConversationalAgents #AIChatbot #VoiceTechnology #DigitalCreativity #AI #ChatGPT #Innovation #Creativity #Creators #ArtificialIntelligenceArt #ContentCreation #Artists #ContentCreators #Creatives #OpenAI #NFTs #NFTcollector #MyÜberLife #CulturalIntelligence #MarketingStrategy #Equity #EquitableTechnology #PromptsAreIP #BusinessCulture #BigData #Culture #AIandCulture #PromptPapi #CultureIsData #midjourney #openai #dalle #aiart