How You Can Adopt Bitcoin Operations (BitOps) in Your Business - Nate Castillo

Business Bitcoinization

Jun 13 2022 • 33 mins

Nate Castillo is the Founder and CEO of Lucent Labs Inc., a Bitcoin startup based in Austin, TX. The mission of Lucent Labs is to enable customers to innovate using Bitcoin and to optimize for the long-term by leveraging industry research, a Bitcoin Operations framework called BitOps, and the Lucent Solutions Lab for proof of concepts and demo. CONNECT WITH NATE (@LucentlabsBTC on Twitter) (Nate's Website) CONNECT WITH JOSH (@joshuafriedeman on Twitter) (@joshuafriedeman on LinkedIn) (@joshuafriedeman on VIDA) Josh's Email SHOW SPONSORS (Swan: Start buying Bitcoin or download your free copy of "Inventing Bitcoin") (Oshi: Reward your customers for paying in Bitcoin ) COMMUNITY Check out what (@BoiseBitcoiners) is up to or follow 'em on Twitter just because! (Find a local Bitcoin Meetup near you with Oshi!) ((Contact Josh Brown about adding your local meetup to the list))