Growing Flowers and Heating Buildings with Bitcoin Miners - Bert de Groot

Business Bitcoinization

Sep 19 2022 • 32 mins

Bert de Groot keeps companies warm with bitcoin miners. Green houses are being heated where flowers are being grown. A part of these bitcoin heated flowers are sold via The original passion is coastal and hydraulic engineering. In previous jobs the main driver was innovation and technology. Currently enjoys working on the bitcoin standard full-time. CONNECT WITH BERT (@BloemBitcoin on Twitter) (Bert's Website) CONNECT WITH JOSH (@joshuafriedeman on Twitter) (@joshuafriedeman on LinkedIn) (@joshuafriedeman on VIDA) Josh's Email SHOW SPONSORS (Swan: Start buying Bitcoin or download your free copy of "Inventing Bitcoin") (Oshi: Reward your customers for paying in Bitcoin ) COMMUNITY (Find a local Bitcoin Meetup near you with Oshi!) (Watch Bitcoin miners at work in a greenhouse)