Can you unlock your students' full potential? Uncover powerful insights for transforming your teaching approach with Brian Mendler

Take Notes with Jen Rafferty

May 11 2023 • 42 mins

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out as a teacher? Want to reignite your passion for teaching and make it a truly rewarding experience? You've come to the right place!

In this episode, I chat with Brian Mendler, an educator who specializes in helping teachers connect with hard-to-reach kids. We dive into his transition from being a teacher to supporting other educators, and explore the gap between teacher training and real-world classroom experiences.

Brian underlines the importance of remembering why we become teachers and shifting our focus towards teaching kids, not just content. He also emphasizes the value of building relationships with students and concentrating on self-improvement.

Together, we tackle the challenges of reaching and communicating with students who have unique needs and face different obstacles. Brian shares his personal journey of living with ADHD and struggling with reading, which made school a tough environment for him. He stresses the need to understand and empathize with struggling students, and to find ways to uplift them instead of making them feel defeated.

So, if you're eager to make a lasting impact on your students' lives, this episode is packed with valuable insights and motivation.

Here’s to transforming your teaching approach and embracing a more joyful and rewarding path!

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About Brian:

Plagued by severe undiagnosed ADHD and reading difficulties, I began disrupting class in 4th grade. I believed my peers would laugh at me for being “dumb” so I made sure they laughed at me for being “bad” instead. I was defiant, disruptive, and relatively unmotivated. By sixth grade, my academic skills were so below grade level that I was pulled/kicked out of school.

During my senior year, I started gambling. The next five years were a cycle of lying, cheating, and stealing to feed my addiction. In 2001 I entered recovery. I am now clean 21 years.

Today I am a certified teacher, presenter, and international motivational keynote speaker for educators. I have co/authored seven books, including the best seller,
That One Kid, 2nd Edition, Tips for Teachers, Power Struggles, Turning Tough Parents into Strong Partners, and Watch Your Mouth.

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