A Brief History of EISD (Part 1) - From Robert Eanes to the Skinny Chicken and the Mexican Hat Dance

Eanes Parents Unite

Jan 18 2022 • 53 mins

The parents of our great community are divided across many issues.  Part of the division exists because we have stopped talking to each other about what we have in common - our kids.  The goal of this podcast is to unite our parents and get us talking again so we might get refocused on the bigger goals.  To understand where we are - and get on the same page - understanding where we came from is informative.  This episode starts with an interesting and factual explanation of EISD as recorded by historians and retold by actual alumni that were in the earliest graduating classes of Westlake High School.  Learn where some of our earliest traditions started; how we got the 'skinny chicken' mascot and why Westlake Hills broke away from Austin ISD in the 1950s.  For long-time residents and especially for those transplants - this history lesson will fill in a lot of gaps and get us talking about what we all have in common...our history.

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