David Barrutia, Candidate Interview EISD Board of Trustees

Eanes Parents Unite

Apr 14 2022 • 1 hr 25 mins

Meet David Barrutia as he is challenging incumbent Ellen Balthazar and challenger Jay Lamy for EISD Board of Trustee place #7.  Mr. Barrutia is a current substitute teacher at EISD and a leader on the Envision Eanes sub-committee.  David has a strong international and domestic background in education.  A native of Texas, he wants to bring the community back together by adding a common sense and consensus building style to the EISD Board of Directors if elected by voters.  This interview is very detailed and gets into all of the main issues facing voters including budget, EISD, library books and communication between administration and parents.  Note: Each candidate interviewed has full editorial control over the content of each episode and final approval before publishing.