Tapes from the Darkside | a true crime podcast

T. Z. Borden

Are you ready to explore the dark side of humanity?

Join us on Tapes from the Darkside, as we uncover some of the most twisted and bizarre cases that you've never heard of... Our focus is on the forgotten, the overlooked, and the downright bizarre.

Each season, we delve into a new case, using audio recordings and primary sources to unravel mysteries that have haunted our collective consciousness for millennia. We approach each case with a tenacity that's best described as unrelenting, sifting through the evidence and piecing together clues until a greater picture emerges.

Our name is a nod to our use of primary source audio recordings, much like a researcher who is sifting through tapes to uncover the truth. But we're not just telling stories. We're shining a light on the most disturbing and shocking aspects of our shared humanity, exposing the uncomfortable truths that lie beneath the surface of society. Some things were never meant to be heard...but we're here to unmask reality, no matter how uncomfortable. read less