Have you considered a “restart”?

Nicole & Kate Can Relate

May 1 2022 • 37 mins

Starting again can mean a lot of different things. Sometimes it’s expected - a choice we make. And other times it’s not at all expected, and it can feel abrupt - maybe even devastating.

In this episode we’ll share our own personal experiences with starting again and the major shifts we’ve had in our own lives on our journey to finding what’s next.

Points Discussed in this Episode

  • Major moves and decisions we’ve made early on in life in order to start again
  • Scenarios where a restart might be helpful
  • Can you “take back” a new start?
  • Lessons learned on our journey to finding what’s next

Thank you so much for joining us for this episode where we share our own experiences answering the question: Have you considered a “restart”?

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