Special Feature: From Suitcase Entrepreneur to Mama w/ Natalie Sisson

Nicole & Kate Can Relate

Jun 19 2022 • 49 mins

From complete lifestyle freedom and full-time entrepreneurial bliss to all the messy, beautiful experiences of motherhood. Now that’s a transition that comes with a whole lot of changes!

In this episode we dive into those changes with our special guest, Natalie Sisson. We hope you enjoy it!

Points Discussed in this Episode

  • How Natalie and Josh’s handshake over dinner one night changed their lives
  • The transition from lifestyle entrepreneurship and full freedom to becoming a mom
  • The emotions that come with raising a child, mom guilt, finding support, and digging deep for patience
  • Are dogs, cats, or … even your business good introductions to becoming a parent?
  • Incorporating a child into your lifestyle versus changing your lifestyle because of a child
  • What attitude and mindset Natalie and Josh have developed to create the experiences they want to have as parents
  • Teaming up with your partner for support, sleep, and space!... and being intentional about both parents being involved and sharing house - and parenting - duties
  • Are dads more likely to be straight up about whether they’d “do it all over again”?
  • Struggling with a swift shift in identities

Mentioned in this episode:

Thank you so much for joining us for this Special Feature episode: From Suitcase Entrepreneur to Mama w/ Natalie Sisson!

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