The cons of social media - are we worse for it?

Nicole & Kate Can Relate

Jun 5 2022 • 37 mins

Social media is something that, these days, is hard to ignore. Whether you’re on it to share pictures, engage with your audience, or for that dopamine hit when you get a “ding!”, we’ve all experienced what it’s like to get a little lost in the rabbit hole.

In this episode we’ll share our own personal experiences with social media and how we think it has changed us - for better or worse.

Mentioned in this episode:

Points Discussed in this Episode

  • Why do we post on social media?
  • Is there a certain psychology behind it?
  • We grew up without it, but the new generation doesn’t know a world without social media
  • How we’ve managed to balance our use of social media while staying present and experiencing life in real-time
  • Phone calls are soooo 1999!... why?

Thank you so much for joining us for this episode where we share our own experiences answering the question: The cons of social media - are we worse for it?

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