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The Trump In Law episode
Nov 22 2023
The Trump In Law episode
As if Sarah Boulos’s backstory (past imperfect?) was not epic enough, her present continuous one merits its own Hollywood (or is it Nollywood?) biopic. Born in Burkina Faso, schooled in France and US, Lebanese father and  French mother; living in Nigeria for many decades, Sarah has truly bloomed where she was planted.Vibrant, passionate and a muse, Sarah’s life has been one of great highs and horrible lows, heady peaks and shattering troughs, filled with sublime moments and truly ridiculous phases. And still she rises.In this episode, we discuss:Being white in Africa - privilege or albatross?;Yes, trust fund babies also cry;Losing multiple family members within 24 hours;That epic marriage cum merger - yes, that one;The soul preserving discovery of faith  - for Sarah it’s all encompassing;SPAN (Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria) and finding your purpose.The bucket list - step aside Oprah;Between Chat GPT and Google’s Bard, Sarah tells a joke, or rather, finds a joke and tells it sweetly. This episode will give you a whole new respect for that delicate high wire oxymoronic space between supreme confidence and touching humility. Yes, the future is conditional.Links Mentioned:Clint White - Tattoos, not BrandsT Y Bello -  The Morning SongbookChevalier - the movie.You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitvah - the movieSponsored by Island Living’s InstagramBanana Island Living's TwitterSee More of Banana Island LivingBanana Island Living's YouTube channel: