Episode 25 - Let's Talk About Zero Trust

Hashtag Realtalk with Aaron Bregg

Nov 11 2020 • 45 mins

In this episode I talk about the concept of 'Zero Trust' with Patrick Tyler.  Patrick is a Senior Solutions Engineer for Okta.

Talking Points:

  • What is Zero Trust and why should you care?
  • What did organizations have to do right away when it comes to Zero Trust?
  • Why Zero Trust is important for 'non-traditional' cloud industries like manufacturing to do it?
  • While VPN is a powerful tool, it isn't the 'End All Be All' for security.
  • What did organizations have to do right away?

This episode is sponsored by Okta. Okta is a Workforce and Customer identity company that is based out of California.  Proceeds from this sponsorship will be going towards prizes for the holiday fundraiser event.