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41: Building a Successful Travel Agency During Lockdown with Amy Jordan
Aug 6 2023
41: Building a Successful Travel Agency During Lockdown with Amy Jordan
Show Notes, Links, & Transcript: In episode 41 of the First Customers podcast, we are joined by Amy Jordan, a visionary entrepreneur who took the bold step of starting a travel agency during the COVID lockdown. She shares her insights on how she grew her company to over 18 agents working with hundreds of clients worldwide. Tune in to learn about her unique strategies, the challenges she faced, and her relentless pursuit of success in a seemingly impossible situation. [00:32] Introduction to Amy Jordan and her successful travel agency.[01:05] How she acquired customers during a time when travel was restricted.[02:12] Utilizing friends, family, and social media channels to connect with clients interested in destinations that were open during the lockdown.[03:20] Specializing in specific destinations like US theme parks and Mexico allowed them to provide detailed updates on policy changes.[04:05] Interacting with clients to keep them informed about daily updates and policy changes.[05:30] The importance of understanding supplier dynamics[06:50] Leveraging Facebook marketing, Google ads, and physical shows as things started to open up.[07:40] Being aware of what was happening in the countries where clients were traveling.[08:50] Amy's background as a travel agent and her desire to build her own team.[10:00] Reading a book that helped her in decision-making and not overthinking decisions.[11:20] Treating the business like an experiment to relieve pressure[15:05] Personal experiences with destinations and the overwhelming experience of visiting Disney World as a mom. --- Send in a voice message: