Tips for Validating your Children from Child Counselor, Mary Engle

The Cold Coffee Club

Apr 5 2022 • 26 mins

Part of motherhood is finding the best ways to help your children manage, deal and overcome hard things. It can seem overwhelming and, sometimes, impossible to help your children bob and weave through difficulty and stress.

We sat down with Mary Engle, LPC, a child counselor who focuses on play therapy in an adorable house in Katy, to learn about how validating your children and their feelings can be an incredible first step toward building coping little people.

She recommended a few books to The Cold Coffee Club that could be useful and are definitely worth checking out: The Power of Validation, The Whole Brain Child, The Unwritten Rules of Friendship, and Beyond Behaviors.

And one powerful word of advice from Mary as we all work hard at raising our kiddos: Evaluate how your own upbringing is influencing your parenting style.

Join us to learn more for this brilliantly loving counselor about how to lovingly mother our children!