It's Time to Get Our CRAWFISH On!

The Cold Coffee Club

Mar 15 2022 • 24 mins

We’re so excited that Crawfish Season is finally here!

Ashley and Jenny share how to go about eating crawfish and where you can find some of the best “mudbugs” in town!

Don’t miss out the All-You-Can-Eat crawfish events Tad’s Louisiana Cooking will be hosting this year LA Crawfish has an awesome selection of flavors to season your crawfish. Bluewater Seafood was a favorite of Ashley’s years ago, but based on online reviews, it’s still a favorite to many! If you’re in the mood for delicious flavors and great prices, check out Crafty Crab. Whatever you do, try the “Boom” seasoning!!!

“Cream & Sugar” Recommendations:

  • Jenny visited Rosalie for an impromptu date night with her husband and she says the Fried Risotto is delish!

“House Blend” Favorite Posts:

  • We love Joi so dang much, and everything she writes is pure gold! Check out her potty training post… for adults! Because if you’ve ever visited a public bathroom, you know that we are not all properly training.
  • Rashimi’s sweet and sentimental post about lessons she’s learned from her dog will remind you that pups are way too good for us and this world. They are truly a gift.