Insights A Few Years Beyond a Private Equity Transaction with Dr. Steve Hamilton and CEO Andy Blankemeyer

Wealth Planning for the Modern Physician

Mar 3 2022 • 34 mins

Listen in as David chats orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Steve Hamilton and practice CEO Andy Blankemeyer as they discuss what they have learned a few years out of a private equity investment into their practice – Beacon Orthopaedics and OrthoAlliance.

After Steve and Andy initially explain their roles at the practice and the growth they have enjoyed in recent years, David discusses this business journey with them, beginning with how they came to consider a private equity partner following initial skepticism.

Steve and Andy then explain the challenges that high growth has presented, as a physician working in the practice and CEO running the practice.  They chat with David about the importance of culture fit, flexibility, physician autonomy, the challenges COVID presented and more.

Finally, Steve and Andy impart some lessons learned and give advice to other physicians and practices considering private equity transactions.

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