Increasing your School’s Visibility & Enrollment w/ Alon

ISS EDUlearn: Ask Me Anything

Dec 21 2022 • 19 mins

Today, Alon Abraham joins us on the show as we discuss how to increase your school’s visibility & enrollment.

Alon is the Co-Founder and Head of Growth & Product at TAG Direct, a digital agency specializing in customer acquisition and conversion. He focuses on helping clients in the education space get online & get results.

In the session, Alon delves deep into the best school media account scheduling tools such as SKED, organizing the company’s budget to get the best out of marketing, using google ads & SEO to drive website traffic, as well as building a sound & strong website focused on conversions. Moreover, we delve into four conversion metrics, advice to small schools looking to increase their enrollment on a minimal budget, and how to find balance in the number of your social media platforms based on your resources.

Ultimately, he expounds on conducting a competitor analysis to understand which platforms yield the best results, how to keep up with social media trends, and advice to schools struggling with enrollments.

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[00:22] A couple of housekeeping items

[01:54] About today’s guest “Alon Abraham” and his company

[03:12] Free scheduling tool or organizer for school social media accounts

[04:57] How a company can organize its budget to get the best out of its marketing

[07:20] How much should you spend on marketing

[08:00] Marketing metrics organizations should be looking out for

[10:09] Should schools invest in social media or websites?

[11:26] Advice for small schools looking to increase enrollment but have a minimal budget

[13:00] Is there such a thing as being too much on social media?

[13:46] How to identify platforms that will yield the best results

[14:41] Suggestions on how to keep up with social media trends

[15:48] Marketing books recommendations

[16:19] Alon’s advice to schools struggling to get students

[17:26] How to connect with Alon Abraham

[18:08] Updates they are doing on the company’s website

Mentioned Books

This Is Marketing by Seth Godin

Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

Tribes: We Need You to Lead by Seth Godin

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