Mindful Leadership w/ Francesca

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Jan 25 2023 • 26 mins

Today, Francesca Mullazi joins us on the show as we expound on Mindful Leadership.

Francesca is a Mindful school leader & head of Upper School at Saint George's School with over 24 years as an educator.

In the session, we delve into Francesca's struggle with mindfulness & reactivity, her ten years' journey to mindfulness & navigating challenges in her first school leadership role. Ultimately, she expounds on self-compassion, common humanity & self-kindness as mindfulness tactics.

Ultimately, Francesca expounds on cognitive restructuring, the benefits of mindfulness, and pausing amidst challenges to recenter as one of the best mindfulness practices.

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[01:02] Housekeeping Items

[01:27] Introducing today’s guest “Francesca Mullazi.”

[02:35] How she got started in her career in international schools in 8th grade

[04:55] Whether education & mindfulness came before the actual practice of mindfulness for Francesca

[06:39] Francesca’s challenges in her first school leadership role

[10:29] The benefits of mindful leadership

[12:09] How Francesca works around the heavy workload & external circumstances to be effective in her job & maintain mindfulness

[14:30] How the Mindfulness Community helps people deal with the fear of failure

[17:44] Practices to cognitive restructuring

[22:06] Whether schools should have a Mindfulness department

Mentioned Book

Emotional Agility by Susan David

Mentioned Resource


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/teachwatts

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