Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) w/ Ellen

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Feb 17 2023 • 28 mins

Ellen Mahoney joins us on the show as we discuss Social & Emotional Learning in International Schools.

Ellen is an SEL Consultant and the CEO of Sea Change Mentoring, an organization that helps International Schools build Social-Emotional Learning programs. She’s also an alumnus of the Singapore American school and understands what it feels like to be a TCK.

In the session, Ellen shares her upcoming event on Adult SEL with ISS, her 17 years of career journey in relationship-based learning and well-being in international schools, as well as some of the most significant improvements she has experienced in SEL. She also expounds on the ideal SEL for international schools and why some schools resist SEL.

Ultimately, Ellen delves into five competencies in Casel’s Social Emotional Learning Framework and three bits of advice for educators and administrators trying to implement SEL.

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[00:38] A few housekeeping items

[01:05] Introducing today’s guest

[02:12] Ellen’s upcoming workshop with ISS on Adult Social and Emotional Learning

[03:37] How long has Ellen been in her career

[04:05] How she got into her career with international schools

[06:40] Ellen’s experience as a TCK and some of the benefits

[09:12] Biggest improvement in SEL

[11:18] Resources in regards to Social & Emotional Learning

[15:07] What is the ideal SEL for international schools

[17:53] Why some schools experience SEL resistance

[21:55] Where mindfulness falls within SEL

[23:42] Advise educators & administrators in international schools who are attempting to implement SEL

[27:30] How to connect with Ellen Mahoney

Notable Quotes

● When schools don’t give educators the time, spouse, and resources to develop those competencies, it can negatively impact the social and emotional development of people in their school.

● A perfect world for Social Emotional Learning starts with adults doing the inner work. That’s when things fall into place.

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