How to Make Mobile Applications Without Even Knowing How to Code w/ John Burns

ISS EDUlearn: Ask Me Anything

Dec 7 2022 • 32 mins

Today, John Burns joins us on the show for part two of our previous workshop on how to make mobile applications without knowing how to code.

John is the Chief Innovation officer for international school services and founder of the L5 space for students, educators, and the wider community to explore design thinking and innovation in education. He focuses on sparkling creativity and innovation across the ISS learning community.

In the session, John delves deep into a few questions from our previous workshop from the difference between mobile apps and web apps, the best alternatives to outsourcing if you want to design it yourself, ensuring you accept legit contractors, and how to check out for loopholes while interacting with online investors. Moreover, he expounds on what to look out for in a contract with freelancer developers, the non -negotiables, including the developer-level documentation to make it easier for future developers, as well as how long it takes to create an app.

Ultimately, we discuss having user design concepts in place prior to building any user interface, three things that entail a user design (user behavior, user research, & user testing) and how user design is important for products.

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[01:03] A few housekeeping items

[02:28] Introducing today’s guest, “John Burns"

[04:30] Difference between web app and mobile app

[06:14] Alternatives to outsourcing and where to start when designing it yourself

[10:15] Once you get a contract, how do you ensure it’s legit and close all possible loopholes

[13:51] What to look for in a contract with a freelance developer

[18:56] How long it takes to build an app

[22:20] User interface versus user design

[25:10] Three things that entail user design

[31:10] Examples of user interface

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