Standards-Based Grading & Reporting w/ Ken O'Connor

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Jan 11 2023 • 31 mins

Today, Ken O’Connor joins us on the show as we expound on standards-based grading & reporting.

Ken is an independent consultant specializing in issues related to grading & reporting. He helps individuals, schools, and districts improve communication about student achievement.

In the session, Ken talks about his passion for standards-based grading for about 27 years, improvements over the years, and why high schools have a long way to go in standard-based grading, unlike other grade levels. He also delves into the importance of moderation in schools, ways to communicate student achievement & a life-changing experience that inspired his career.

Ultimately he advises teachers to focus on standard-based grading, unlike assessment-based methods, using levels of proficiency, not points or percentages, and separating behaviors from students' achievement!

Tune in for more insights!


[00:40] A few housekeeping items

[01:14] Introducing today’s guest, Ken O’Connor

[02:25] What led Ken to his passion for standard-based grading & reporting

[05:43] Improvement in standard-based grading over the years

[06:25] Why High Schools still have a long way to go in terms of standard-based grading

[11:44] How teachers can prepare better in defending whatever communication they send to parents in respect of student’s grades or progress

[14:25] Importance of moderation in schools

[15:20] Ken’s dream of standard-based grading in schools

[17:28] Whether markings or numbers are appropriate at any levels

[20:11] Ken’s favorite authors

[22:52] Most inspiring moment in Ken’s career

[24:26] Advice for teachers having difficulties with standard-based grading

[26:33] What got Ken started his career with International Schools

[30:06] How to connect with Ken

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