Freeing the Voice with Debora Joy

Consciousness Explorers Podcast

Feb 10 2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

In today’s episode we’re joined by the delightful voice coach and kundalini teacher Debora Joy. Debora guides us through an array of voice exercises, all of them meant to free us from the shackles of bodily restriction. We learn how the way we speak reflects our conditioning, and how opening up our voice can change who we are.

This episode is much more interactive than usual, almost all of it a practice. We left this one feeling exhilarated, full of energy and – yes – joy.

If you want to go straight to her first meditation to “clear out the garbage” it starts at 6:33 and ends at 10:03. If you want to go straight to the voice exercises they start at 23:34 and continue in various forms till the end of the episode!

• Debora’s website: https://www.deborajoy.com

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