Serverless Craic Ep35 DevOps Conference Preview of DOES 2022

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Oct 19 2022 • 11 mins

Today we are talking about a big DevOps Conference. And the first book signing of our new book, The Value Flywheel Effect.

It's at the DevOps Enterprise Summit on October 18-20 with IT Revolution who also published our book. It's the first live event in three years. DevOps Enterprise Summit is the leading community for driving change in technology.

It's scary and challenging tying to drive transformational change. So it's brilliant to be able to talk to practitioners who've done it before. I'm interested to see how 'The Value Flywheel Effect' lands. I'm doing a talk on the book and a book signing. And I am doing a couple of Learning Sprints at DOES. We are focusing on Wardley Maps because that's what a lot of groups find super exciting.

One of the best things about mapping is that invites challenge. So hopefully the audience will be debating if I have my components in the wrong spot. Then we will have a good conversation and interaction.  At the Learning Sprint we will sit down with a table full of people and walk through the Wardley mapping process. It is a really good way of learning the technique and asking questions in a safe and comfortable space.

One of the cool things about DevOps Enterprise Summit is they've been running for over 10 years. They have all their IT Revolution books, which are all brilliant. But what's neat is the Repo on GitHub. where they put the presentations for all the talks. There are two events a year. So you have about 20 repos full of presentations on GitHub @DevOpsEnterprise, which is the name of the organisation.  It's an absolute goldmine of free information.

There are videos as well on You have to register for it, but it's very unintrusive. Once you register, you get access. And they don't send too many emails. It's a fantastic and supportive resource for people trying to drive change.

There's nothing more comforting than seeing something that resonates with what you're trying to do. And with the challenges you're facing. And you can send it to peers, friends or around your organisation. It can give you additional support and credibility for what you're trying to do. And it can drive adoption. That level of external validation for what you're doing can accelerate internal adoption of the change you're trying to drive. We've definitely benefited from that in the past. Don't listen to us. Go watch this video or read these slides. It's a great technique to the leverage.

We have two playlists on IT Revolution's blog. One on Lean Engineering and another on Effective Cloud Adoption, with links to a bunch of videos. Years ago, you would have been hoping to get on a course to learn this stuff. Now it's on tap! You end up going away from DevOps Enterprise Summit with at least 10 things that you want to try or at least look into. And you have repositories of resources available which are great getting your hands on to take back into your own organisation.

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