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Performance Testing for Ultrarunners with Dr. Philip Skiba | Koopcast Episode 128
May 12 2022
Performance Testing for Ultrarunners with Dr. Philip Skiba | Koopcast Episode 128
Dr. Philip Skiba received his medical degree in June of 2003, and trained in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Georgetown University / National Rehabilitation Hospital, in Washington DC. He then completed residency training in Family Medicine and a fellowship in Sports Medicine. He is board-certified in both Family Medicine and Sports Medicine, and his practice focuses on the non-surgical management of sports injuries, as well as athlete training, health, rehabilitation, and wellness. He completed his Ph.D. (exercise physiology) in the Jones Laboratory at the University of Exeter (UK), where his research studies focused on oxygen kinetics, the determinants of athlete power production, athlete performance, and their relationship to training. Dr. Skiba is the Program Director of sports medicine fellowship at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, in Chicagoland, and is the Regional Director of Sports Medicine for the AdvocateAurora Medical Group, one of the largest in the United States. He is also a team physician for the University of Illinois (Chicago).Dr. Skiba has been working in sports training and performance for more than 2 decades. As a sports physician, he works clinically, on the sidelines, and in the training room with high school, NCAA Division 1, and professional athletes. He has trained a number of Olympian and World Champion endurance athletes and is a regular face in broadcast journalism. Most recently, Dr. Skiba was a consultant on the Nike Breaking 2 project, where he traveled 3 continents training the best marathon runners in the world, appearing in the Cannes Film Festival award-winning documentary Breaking 2.Phil’s BookDietary Supplements as Source of Unintentional Doping Buy Koop’s new book on Amazon or AudibleInformation on coaching-www.trainright.comKoop’s Social MediaTwitter/Instagram- @jasonkoop