Finding the Heart of Yoga w/ Avni Talsania

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Jul 19 2021 • 26 mins

As a high performing athlete on her college team excelling in track and field, Avni Talsania was no stranger to having a well-disciplined and fit lifestyle. But for the longest time she was looking for a kind of fitness that was beyond the physical. That coupled with the competitive nature of the field of athletics led her on a search for a deeper purpose very early on in life. Thus began her journey on the path of Yoga which brought her back to her roots in India. She now combines her passion for wellness and quest for spirituality by teaching both the physical practice of Yoga Asana as well as Yoga Philosophy by breaking down but not diluting the complex themes of Yoga for the 21st century practitioner. She holds a Masters degree in Yoga and represents and teaches at SRMD Yoga, a global initiative founded by her Guru Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai.

In this episode we discuss -

  1. Avni’s growing up years in the US as a track and field athlete, doubts and questions as a teenager and finding a refuge in spirituality
  2. Her first experience with the practice of yoga
  3. Her move to India and meeting her teachers at Mumbai, Rishikesh, Mysore & Bangalore
  4. How she was able to combine her passion for athletics with spirituality
  5. Her on-going efforts to learn sanskrit and hindi to ensure the wisdom of yoga is not diluted
  6. Her thoughts on the practice of Yoga in the modern day scenario and ways one can start to look beyond just the physical practice
  7. Her life presently at an ashram in Gujarat, India
  8. Her latest offering on Yoga International - The Heart of Yoga

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