Season 2: Episode 12 - Plan C

Grim Encounters

Dec 25 2019 • 1 hr 8 mins

Today’s episode our envoys continue their investigation of the missing man named Mickey Francis. Team Heartsbane heads to City Hall to put their plan into action. Mavis & Father Frank get into position while Wesley flanks around back. Things happen and City Hall goes under full alert! Tune in to see what happens! We are an actual play tabletop RPG comedy horror podcast using the Chill 3rd edition ruleset! The setting is based in the modern day Chicago world land! If you liked today’s episode let us know on Twitter. Even better leave us a review on iTunes and tell a friend about the show!    Remember to stay spooped out there! Your cast members are: Nort as the Chill Master Anna as Mavis Osterling & Arrowhead the Squirrel  Dierikx as Father Frank Flannigan Robert as Wesly Hung   Grim Encounters theme song produced and created by Anna.   Music and Ambient tracks created and produced by Tim over at Follow us on Twitter @GrimEncounters  Nort’s Twitter @NortSauwce Anna’s Twitter @AnnaNortSauwce Robert’s Twitter @QuietSpider22 Join Our Discord Grim Encounters Website:   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit