DOTJ - Drinking On The Job

John Coyle

DOTJ- 'Drinking On The Job' is a toast to the culture of food, wine and life. It’s like you’re one barstool away from a conversation you can’t stop listening to. Grab a glass before last call.

Episode 153: Larry Sharpe is the Libertarian candidate for Governor. It’s time for a real change.Episode 152: Sunshine Foss is all about community and elevating Black and minority owned brands through her Brooklyn stores Happy Cork and Happy Buds.Episode 151: Rita Jammet, restaurant icon, Chief Bubble Officer of La Caravelle Champagne shares her amazing story.Episode 150: Carrie Lyn Strong is a top wine professional and incredible athlete. Who else could talk wine and basketball with Michael Jordan.Episode 149: New Yorker Cartoonist , David Sipress, joins me to discuss his memoir -What's So Funny?Episode 148: A.J. Weinzettel took the giant leap from the tech world to the wine world to follow his true  passion.Episode 147: Zulema Arroyo Farley AKA BondSomms manifested her wonderful life defying the odds.Episode 146: Sara  Floyd's career in the wine world is epic.  She is the 10th woman in the  world to receive the title of Master Sommelier, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.Episode 145: Janie Brooks' triumph over tragedy and the beautiful legacy of her bother Jimmi.Episode 144: Charles Antin takes us behind the scenes of the  high end auction world.Episode 143:  The Winey Neighbor's co-owner Salvatore  Mulé has done it all... Sales, Import and Retail. Listen up.Episode 142: GK Selections is on a mission to bring the best Portuguese wines to NYC.Episode 141: Vin Social's CEO and founder creates a virtual community for education and love for small craft beverage.Episode 140: There's something poetic about a Saint being born  in Hell's Kitchen. Yannick     Benjamin is a tireless advocate for the disabled, a marathoner and now restauranteur.Episode 139: What does playing the French Horn have in common with being a great Wine Director? Take a listen.Episode 138: Kone Sindou did not become a Child soldier in the civil war in Africa. He escaped and built a storied life.Episode 137: Popina restaurant is red hot!  Proprietor James O'brien sips Mezcal and joins me to tell the story of it's birth.Episode 136: The Real Santa Diaries, everything from Trump to Dolly Parton.Episode 135: Jesus and Santa reunite at a Gay bar and a heart warming message for all.Episode 134: Blue Ribbon's guiding force and the Bromberg brothers pursuit of excellence.