73.5 How We Connect to Animals with Kelly McCarthy

Light Up Your Worth

Jul 30 2022 • 40 mins

Have you ever felt a strong connection with mother nature? Maybe you have had this feeling of being able to communicate with animals but wasn’t quite sure? These are not things you are imagining. These are the energetic frequencies that you are sharing spiritually to connect with animals. In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and Universal Energy Guide, Kelly McCarthy dive into what a universal energy guide is, how she learned she could communicate with animals at a young age, and the different spiritual meaning of animal spirit guides. Debbie also shares stories of situations where she was communicating with animals and didn’t even realize it until now.

Kelly is an expert in understanding energetic frequencies and how we imprint and impact the world whether consciously or unconsciously. As a former restaurant owner and mother of two she was caught in the frantic energy of always trying to stay one step ahead struggling to juggle both personal and professional life with the need to slow down. After a hospital stay the clinical world would call a breakdown, Kelly saw it as a breakthrough to learn from a variety of modalities to help her remember her connection to her ancestors and the power of harnessing Universal Energy. As a spiritual leader in the holistic community, she was called to create her business, Beyond Words N Wisdom, sharing her knowledge through writing for publications such as Brainz Magazine, speaking, teaching and sharing Universal Energy sessions.

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Debbie McAllister is a Spiritual Transformational Coach and Light Up Your Worth podcast host.

She offers recorded energetic healing meditations to clear out the limiting subconscious beliefs, and self-sabotage patterns, & release negative habits, interrupt & healing generational trauma, and lovingly guide you through the process of transition.

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