From Unpaid to Lucrative Upswings - Tim Schumm

Entrepreneur Struggle

May 22 2023 • 37 mins

When Tim Schumm graduated from college, he was stumbling over what he should do next, when he was offered an opportunity to join a recruiting firm. He spent the next ten years there wearing every hat available, learning and steadily climbing the ladder while remaining quietly passionate about his desire to strike out on his own–until he did exactly that when he founded Lucas James Talent Partners, his very own recruiting and talent acquisition firm. It was a challenging start with waves of uncertainty and sacrifice, and Tim went three years without collecting a paycheck, but his strategic planning and steadfastly loyal core team allowed them to endure the roughest times, and just last year they brought in more than $20 million dollars in revenue. Tim explains how he broke out of a scarcity mindset in order to better manage the financial side of business, why he offered equity to the employees who joined before it was a “sexy company,” and how pushing through the pandemic taught him to remain even-keeled, no matter the upswing or downturn.   Support Tim’s Work->  Support My Business -> Support My Business -> Stay updated with our weekly newsletter and join our live monthly Entrepreneur Struggle events by following me on LinkedIn - Support the show:   Support the show: See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit