The Life-Changing Power of Shifting Your Mindset - Chris Atley

Entrepreneur Struggle

Jul 7 2023 • 42 mins

Chris Atley was just a freshman in high school when she had a poor experience with a discouraging teacher–and she internalized it with a message that she was not good enough. Chris has since flipped that narrative on its head, and is a successful coach, speaker, author, podcast host of “One Simple Truth,” and founder of Decisions by Design Coaching, where the goal is to specifically help female entrepreneurs with the unique challenges of growing a business. She went from discouraged to thriving through a slow and steady process of shifting her mindset; she realized that her limiting beliefs about herself and her business were the invisible barriers standing in her way of growth. She tells us what resources helped her break free from persistent negativity and perfectionism, and the key mantra she relied on in some of her worst moments of spiraling into doubt. And now that she’s done a lot of healing, she shares how she helps her clients connect their own healing to business growth and success. Support Chris’s Work-> Support My Business -> Support My Business -> Stay updated with our weekly newsletter and join our live monthly Entrepreneur Struggle events by following me on LinkedIn - Support the show: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit