Building Boundaries in a Mission-Driven Business - Bridget Todd

Entrepreneur Struggle

Jul 17 2023 • 46 mins

Bridget Todd was feeling disengaged from the content she was producing, but was inspired by her students at Howard University who were empowered by the hope and possibility of changing the world through sharing across our social media networks. Bridget reconsidered how she could create a career that intertwined with her activism, and that resulted in her opening Unbossed Creative, a mission-driven media company producing podcasts and other digital content (she’s also an award-winning podcast host!). Bridget shares her realizations around the concept of job security and how she draws boundaries in order to focus on the things that matter most to her, in business and her personal life. She also speaks to being honest with yourself and others about your strengths and weaknesses in order to elevate your business. Support Bridget’s Work -> Support My Business -> Support My Business -> Stay updated with our weekly newsletter and join our live monthly Entrepreneur Struggle events by following me on LinkedIn - Support the show: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit