Peaks and Pitfalls of PR - Megan Brown Bennett

Entrepreneur Struggle

May 8 2023 • 40 mins

When Megan Brown Bennett set out for a career in public relations, she jumped right into a position working with A-list celebrities–and quickly realized, that type of PR wasn’t right for her. She switched gears and worked her way to where she sits now, as CEO and President of Light Years Ahead, a full-service boutique public relations agency that specializes in products, brands, and small businesses. Since she found her sweet spot, she’s learned some crucial lessons from fielding rejection and how it can inform future pitches to publications, as well as her approach to her clients. She also details the key differences between PR and marketing, what large PR firms get wrong, how her business avoids those pitfalls, and how Light Years Ahead took the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and turned them into the greatest profits they’d ever seen. Bonus: she tells the story about how one ad placement for a hotdog turned into a quarter million dollars in profits.   Support Megan’s Work-> Support My Business -> Support My Business -> Stay updated with our weekly newsletter and join our live monthly Entrepreneur Struggle events by following me on LinkedIn - Support the show: Support the show: See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit